About Us

Pucketts was established by “Bobbi” Fluegel in 1987. Her son Ted took over as President in 1997. That same year, Shawn Cummins was hired as a sales manager and later became part owner and Vice President. The current facility is over 23,000 sqft housing 18 employees and 40 installation crews. Stocked within the facility are over 700 rolls of carpet, 25 truckloads of stone and tile, 100 rolls of sheet vinyl, and container loads of laminate and vinyl plank.

Why Choose Us

We believe the biggest reason to choose Pucketts is our old fashioned honesty. We believe that the customer is always right, and it’s our goal to floor you with our service. We also have the following credits toward our pedigree:

  • 25 years experience with virtually all flooring materials
  • Statewide quality service
  • Largest carpet inventory in the state of Arizona