We understand that managing all of your different properties can be tedious and overwhelming.

Property management clients know that while reconditioned units obtain tenants faster, every day that a unit sits vacant waiting for reconditioning affects their bottom line.

Reducing turnover time takes an effective flooring specialist who pays attention to both time and details.

Our expert staff understands the ins and outs of each flooring option and has the installation expertise to ensure a fast and superior application that will look great and retain it’s beauty for years to come.

Another important factor is a quick emergency response. This is so very important for good tenant relations.  Although no one can foresee when unexpected damage will occur, you must have a flooring specialist who can repair the unit’s flooring as fast as possible. 

Pucketts flooring stocks a large selection of industry standard flooring for our property management clients. This way, you can be assured to experience the quickest turnover possible. 

At you can gain access to a variety of free and helpful online services including on-line real-time invoice, billing, scheduling and ordering tools as well as historical data to help manage all your properties online.

Whether you need flooring for individual units or a complete complex, common areas, hallways, stairwells, or specialty applications like indoor sports and fitness or outdoor patio and pool decks, Pucketts is the only flooring specialist you will need.

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